Sunday, July 12, 2009

Small Accomplishments

A little eye candy for the beginning of the week.

As mentioned in the last post, when we were in Charleston this last time, we went to the beach (solidifying in my mind how much I would L-O-V-E to live there).

While I was resting on a gorgeous walkway that had been mostly blown away by a huge storm a few weeks prior, this couple walked past and then stopped to take a few pictures. The photographer in me could not help but take a few shots as well since the light and the setting were so pretty. As I sat there reviewing the shots in my camera, I mentioned to my sister-in-law that I would not mind showing it to them since they came out quite nice and what does she say?

"Do it."

And just like that, I actually did. I somehow managed to walk over to these strangers and stumble out that I wasn't some crazed stalkerazzi but that I saw the opportunity for a pretty shot and took it. I proceeded to give them my e-mail address and we talked about how big my lens was and I walked away wondering whether they would ever even contact me and feeling a liberating sense of accomplishment that I had had the confidence to do something I would not normally do.

Here is one of the shots. . .

. . .and here is another with a little extra lovin' thanks to Totally Rad Actions.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Partial Brain Dump

There has been so many little things going on in our life as of late that blogging has been the farthest thing down my to do list. But I just couldn't fight the urge anymore so a quick late night blogging session is in order.

Life is funny sometimes. The whole time Spencer was unemployed, I continuously wished that it was me and not him. I had been unemployed once before in our marriage and I regretted not taking advantage of it the way I wished that I had. Instead I let myself become overtaken by the depression of being laid off. Then again, those were completely different circumstances and a whole 'nother story.

As of July 31st I will no longer have a job and the emotions coursing through me are excitement and anxiety simultaneously. Not to mention I feel extraordinarily sad for all the people in our company who don't have the same perspective as I. The future is so uncertain at this point in time but I know one thing for sure. I am going to take advantage of this time out of work and I am going to focus on the more important things. My ministry is going to be shoved into the foreground of my life in a way that it has not before and I am going to savor every moment with my son.

How can I have such a positive view on unemployment when the world is so frightened of it? Faith. Faith that if I have the courage to finally put Jehovah first and foremost then I will not fail. And, just so you know, hard times does not mean failure. Hard times are just a way to prove how serious you are in your commitment to your decisions and your way of life.

What about my photography? Aren't I going to pursue that hardcore? We'll see how that all plays out. There are ducks to be put in a row and when it is all said and done, photography may be the third or fourth duck in that row. To use the same expression as I did above, that's a whole 'nother story. ;)

Speaking of photography and because, as I have heard many a times that every post is better with a picture, I will leave you with a few. Please bear in mind that these are SOOC (straight out of the camera) with no post processing. It is also way to late/early to be worrying about putting my loverly logo on these images so enjoy these images from our sojourn to Charleston about. . .actually, a little over a month ago now. My how time flies!

Thanks for "listening."