Sunday, July 12, 2009

Small Accomplishments

A little eye candy for the beginning of the week.

As mentioned in the last post, when we were in Charleston this last time, we went to the beach (solidifying in my mind how much I would L-O-V-E to live there).

While I was resting on a gorgeous walkway that had been mostly blown away by a huge storm a few weeks prior, this couple walked past and then stopped to take a few pictures. The photographer in me could not help but take a few shots as well since the light and the setting were so pretty. As I sat there reviewing the shots in my camera, I mentioned to my sister-in-law that I would not mind showing it to them since they came out quite nice and what does she say?

"Do it."

And just like that, I actually did. I somehow managed to walk over to these strangers and stumble out that I wasn't some crazed stalkerazzi but that I saw the opportunity for a pretty shot and took it. I proceeded to give them my e-mail address and we talked about how big my lens was and I walked away wondering whether they would ever even contact me and feeling a liberating sense of accomplishment that I had had the confidence to do something I would not normally do.

Here is one of the shots. . .

. . .and here is another with a little extra lovin' thanks to Totally Rad Actions.

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  1. Awesome! They are beautiful! I know the feeling your talking about. I did it this evening at an awesome resturant called trattoria one 41 in Duluth GA. It's a family of friends kind of business so one of the owners was actually our server and I gave her my card. She told me about a boutique next door that sells handbags... never would have made that connection and maybe can sell there one day!