Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The In-Laws :: Covington Georgia family photography

One universal truth about many photographers is that pictures of themselves is rare unless they so happen to have many local photographer friends. Even more rare are family portraits.

I grew up in a small four person family so when I got married and my husband’s family was quite large it took some getting used to on the rare occasion that we all get together. We take advantage of the time off around the Thanksgiving holidays to enjoy each other’s company and this year, I arranged for us to have some fun family pictures together using my tripod. We had a lot of fun and I got some shots that will be adorning my walls soon. Morrises-6007 Morrises-6008 Morrises-6013 I love to see how different people react when they are told to act silly.Morrises-6021 Morrises-6022 As soon as I step away from the group and get behind the camera, they get REALLY silly.Morrises-6027 Morrises-6028 We walked over to the nearby golf course to get some more sunny shots.Morrises-6059 Morrises-6062 This would be all of us encouraging Liam to do the robot. He was feeling sad that his aunts and uncles were leaving that day so it was actually struggle getting him to be silly. Robot Collage Liam and his Emily.Morrises-6093 Morrises-6096 I love how this next series turned out.Morrises-6098 Morrises-6106 Morrises-6108 Morrises-6112 Isn’t it nice to be so in love three sons and one grandson later and being married for so long. Love, love, LOVE these!SteveNettieCollage The next three are really my favorite and one of these three is going to be the one going on my wall. Morrises-6132 Morrises-6133 Morrises-6137 contact me or view my online portfolio. . .

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