Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tony & McGee :: In Love :: Atlanta, GA :: Piedmont Park

I hope you are prepared for awesomeness!!

Seriously, this couple was so amazing. I offered my services to the bride for her wedding but she had already hired a wedding photographer. . . 

Fast forward several months later and I got an e-mail from her asking how crazy it would be if she hired me to do to take "after the wedding" pictures. Of course I responded that it wouldn't be crazy at ALL and that I would love to. 

When they traveled to Atlanta from New York we got together and headed to Atlanta's Piedmont Park for some fun times. 
Even though I have been to Piedmont Park of several occasions for fun, I actually had never shot there before. I knew exactly where I wanted to go though. I have a thing for ivy covered walls.
McGee is one of those people that if you didn't love her so darn much, you could just as easily hate her because she's a living Barbie doll. If she looked half as stunning on her wedding day as she did the day of our photo session. . .well, you get the point.
One of my favorite things is light. Light and emotion are something I endeavor to capture in every photo session. This one had an abundance of both as you can see below.

I love the way he looks at her. You can see the love in his eyes.
I don't know if any of you have heard of the Beloved Movement with Jesh de Rox but I happen to think it is a truly remarkable way to capture true emotions between two people. Whereas most of my photo sessions are fairly typical, I love to throw in what Jesh calls "invites". These are basically inviting the couple to forget you are there to take their picture and just be in the moment for each other. The genuineness that you can get from this is beyond amazing.

Couples that laugh openly and freely together are the best.

She was just the cutest. This little thing with her nose was something she kept doing throughout the session and I just had to capture it as part of what makes her her.

Sometimes when things are not the most focused, they turn out the best. I love the dreaminess of them in the background of this shot.

Light. . .check!
. . .emotion. . .Check!

A friend of hers made the brocade belt so I wanted to make sure I got a good detail shot for her.
For the first part of the session, the bride was being very serious and it wasn't until later in the session that I realized how incredibly goofy these two were as a couple. I definitely took advantage of that.

See? Goofy as the day is long!
She had made this sign herself  and transported it from New York.
I also had them write and "illustrate" these themselves. It was funny to see how much they put into their individual signs.
Another invite I did with them with a little twist let to the most adorable chase.

One of McGee's favorite hangout spots in Atlanta was this very Starbucks. As we arrived, the staff was incredibly friendly and happy to let us take over for a little bit.

Here we have McGee showing off her fish face capabilities.

A little sugar to end the evening.
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  1. Love love love! McGee has always been so adorable. Nice to know she's now happily married! Awesome pics of her and Tony.