Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow Days!!

SOOO!!! Oh my goodness, it ACTUALLY snowed in Georgia. TWICE!! I was so excited the first night it snowed that I could not stop smiling. I was like a giddy schoolgirl. On Wednesday when it snowed we all went out to the backyard to have a great snowball fight. It was all good until I accidentally hit Liam in the face with a snowball. He valiantly stuck it out and did not want to go inside yet but eventually succumbed to the cold. We made sure to strip him down out of his cold wet clothes and had him all set up with his dinosaurs and a heater. Good times. I know that some of the pictures are not too clear but I love how it captures the fun we were having. You can even see snowballs being thrown back & forth in some of them.

My sad little snowman.

Spencer and Liam having a blast in the snow.

Fun with snowball fights..before I hit Liam in the face...then I made sure just to aim for Spencer.

All Liam needed when he came in were dry clothes, a heater, and of course his DINOSAURS. His little sock hat has gotten too small for him as you can see by his bright red ears.

It snowed again on Saturday when Liam was in Macon with my parents but I didn't feel so bad when it didn't accumulate.

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