Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Miss Lilah Claire

This little one is the most enchanting little darling. Her personality just shines. Her mother will tell you that she has quite the temper to go along with her red hair. Speaking of red hair, I am terribly jealous of it. It is the most beautiful brilliant shade.
And look at those little bitty teeth. Who can resist the first baby teeth in such a charming smile?This one is my favorite. Such a little beauty. Pop up flashes don't always do people justice but I think this time it did a remarkable job in capturing the color and sparkle of Lilah's eyes.
After such a long day, little ones can't help but get a bit tired.
But tired or not, one must keep on the move in order to keep oneself awake by all means.
One more crooked grin before I say goodnight.

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