Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up Is Hard To Do

So things have been kind of yucky for me. Work has been sucking the brains out of my head and my body has been all out of whack switching between medicines and trying to get used to it. I have also been slaving away at getting my website up and running. I am so sorry that I have been neglecting thes blog for so long. I used to be so faithful with it.

SOOO this is going to be a long one.

Several weeks ago, actually about a month, my aunt got together a little gathering of friends that used to be in the same congregation that have since moved on to get married, start families and so forth. It was very nice because people came from as far away as Florida and the place was full of friendly faces that had not been together in many moons.

A good friend of mine does face painting and so the kids got the special treat of having their imaginations aided by being turned into whatever animal or character they desired. Below you will see my little man as a doggie.

This is our little cousin Reed as a tiger trying to show off his strength in pulling this wagon full of kiddies.Liam and Riley are as thick as thieves whenever they get together. I love the aged look of this shot and how serious they look. I know it's not the clearest but it's still a favorite for me. Don't know if you noticed that they are both dogs. I wonder who got painted first? Something tells me that Liam was the follower in this case.This is my gorgeous cousin, Ms. Lilah Claire. I am so envious of her red hair. And this is my amazing, talented Aunt Hannah who is not only gorgeous but can belt out songs like no one's business. Every Thanksgiving, since us kiddos don't have to work, all of us gather at the in-law's house to be ALL together for a rare and precious moment in time. This was the first time we had all been together in Steve & Nettie's new home. I think it helped the place feel a little bit more like home than it has been. I still miss the old house.

Here is Liam waiting for the rest of us to join in on the scrumptious breakfast prepared.

This was the first day that I broke out my brand spankin' new 70-200mm Image Stabilization Lens since I wanted to make sure it was covered under our homeowner's insurance first. Spencer got his hands on it right away. I kind of like this shot.My brother-in-law, Wes, is pretty much always goofy in front of the camera.
One of Spencer's brother's got a hold of the camera and took the next shot of Spencer. I'm rather partial to it myself. ;)We brought Milo over since we were spending the night and didn't want to leave her alone in the backyard for that long.
This is Wesley's wife, Emily. Is she not gorgeous and striking? She would not be happy with me for posting this but, oh well. I was happy to get this little intimate moment with Aunt Barbara loving on Lilah. She is such a doting Granny.
In case you couldn't tell by the genetic gorgeous genes that were obviously passed down to her daughter, this is Lilah's mother, Jessica.I absolutely LOVE this shot. So much action going on. It's like cutting out a slice of our life that day and posting it on here for the world to see.I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before, but I LOVE feet. Especially baby feet. If you were ever in any doubt of that fact, you will not be after the next three shots.This is my other beautiful sister-in-law, Janelle, who is also opposed to having her picture taken. Love her to death. She and her husband are going to be staying in Covington for the next few months before they move to Charleston, SC and I am beyond thrilled about it. I'm going to eat up the time I get to spend with her until they go.OH! Did I forget to mention that Batman dropped by for a visit? He's a lot smaller in person. Much more loveable though. :)

More to come soon of my sweet little red headed cousin but I must say goodnight for now.

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