Saturday, March 14, 2009


One way Spencer and I are planning on using in order to get my name out to the public more is the age old business card method. I have had my business cards for some time now that I ordered from the fantabulous but haven't really gotten them into the proverbial "out there". I was using the excuse that the business card holder is just as important in projecting your image as the cards themselves, especially when you are a photographer, and I didn't want them displayed in cheap Staples plastic holders.

Well, I can use that excuse no longer. BEHOLD my creation! Aren't my babies just too cute...but not TOO cute. I am going for professional too, after all. I wanted something simple but that would also reflect the feel of my website, which is why I used the same images I have as my background on my site.

I ordered these awesome sticker/seals from and they look so nice. However, I would reccomend paying extra for fast shipping otherwise you may just tear your hair out waiting like I did. The business cards I ordered from have an assortment of different images on them so that when I leave these bad boys in specific boutiques, they have images on them that will appeal to the clientelle. You see below the gorgeous bride, Nicole, that I shot in September.I think they're purty and can't wait to get up the nerve to go around asking the local boutiques if they wouldn't mind pimping me out. ;)


  1. LOVE it! so great how it all ties in with your blog!

  2. These are too great and I like you're little holders, where did you get them?