Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

So I have been stuck at my in law's house since Saturday night. My dear husband left to join his dad for a funeral in Illinois on Saturday morning with his mom and that afternoon our plumbing went bonkers. YAY! So I came over to stay at my in-law's house until a plumber could be called, and SNOWED. Really?! They always say it is going to but it never does. School was closed today and so was his daycare so even if I could have made it down the treacherous and steep driveway I would have had no one to watch my baby boy. Oh darn, no work. ;)

Why do all of the crappy things happen when my husband is gone?

Despite all of this, we had a blast playing in the snow and I got LOTS, and I mean LOTS of pictures to share.

First is your typical shot of trying to catch the snowflake on your tongue. I'll admit it, I was doing the same thing.
These were taken when it first started snowing and we weren't even sure if it was going to stick yet.
I think he just ran around with his tongue out for so long that it must have almost gotten frozen.
I have no idea what this is all about. What a face.

There is nothing better than watching children thoroughly enjoy themselves. It's just as thrilling as experiencing it yourself and being that age again.

This boy had his tongue on EVERYTHING! No matter how many times I told him not to.
Seriously! Even though I told him it was dirty ice.
This was before I talked to Spencer on the phone and found out that his mittens were in his school bag.

All afternoon he kept coming in and out to warm himself and then go back out to play some more.
The hilarious little boy was endeavoring to make snow angels on the porch. Not sure why he felt the porch was a better idea than the yard.

Hard to believe it will be gone in a few days. You would almost think that we lived in the north where it always snows by the looks of this picture.
So nice being in by the fire.
We finally got Milo to go outside and she had a blast. We kept having to call her back to the yard.
I do think that this was the prettiest snowfall I have ever seen. The snowflakes were so fat and fluffy. :)
This was Liam's attempt at a snowangel in the yard. . .
. . .and this was mine.
Wasn't sure whether or not to include this shot but I think it is funny because I had to explain to Liam not to go near the yellow snow.
The next are a series of the many expressions his little face has.

He thought is was hilarious that a snowflake landed on his eyelashes.

This was right when he was about sick and tired of being cold.
But I did get one last smile out of him.

I did not have a hat so my hair ended up covered in snow. And I was thrilled to pieces that Papa John's was delivering even in the snow since I didn't feel like cooking and there wasn't much to cook.
So it ended up being a nice day and Liam kept telling me what a great day it was. He also told me that his favorite days were snow days.
Turns out I am glad that we were at Steve and Nettie's house instead of our own because there was a power outage in our neighborhood for about 6-7 hours, whereas it never went out here.
Today there was still snow on the ground when we went back to our house and some kids down the street were sledding and invited him over and he had a BLAST!! I will add those shots in tomorrow. I think you may have seen enough photos for today.


  1. Super cute!! I kept getting flashbacks from the Christmas Story ... These made me smile!