Friday, March 11, 2011

On Being a SuperGeek

Things have been all kind of crazy in my life recently and extraordinarily busy with so many changes. One of which I initially teased about on my Instagram the other day entitled Future Changes:
This just happens to be located on the side of our new house. SO when I am directing you on how to get here, I can just say "When you see the water tower, there we are.' ;) I will have more images of the new house on a future post.

On another note, I have decided since I am going to be endeavoring to make blogging more of a part of my weekly schedule (once all this moving stuff is out of the way) that I would intermittently add personal posts that tell you guys more about me.

As any groom that I have met with recently knows, I am a bonified geek when it comes to Superman. I would be worried about the voracious appetite for all things Superman recently except that this kind of behavior is very much a part of my personality. To explain before I get back to my Superman dedicated post. . . :D

Two of the other things I am very much interested in are all things Lucy Maud Montgomery and all things Jane Austen. When I get in the mood for one of these authors, I read EVERYTHING by them that I can get my hands on. I can pretty safely say that I have read every book and short story that Lucy Maud Montgomery has every written. When it comes to Jane Austen, I am more limited in my ability to consume but I have a few choice "continuing stories" in my library as well as 3 versions of Pride and Prejudice in my DVD library. As you can see, I am a bit of a freak.

Where Superman is concerned, I am able to consume SO MUCH MORE since he is a more universal character for whom pretty much anybody can obtain license to write about. . .not to mention the PLETHORA of comic books out there.

Now I won't go into ALL of the Superman things I have consumed recently since that would make this post ridiculously long and boring. I am just going to give a few recommendations to any fellow Superman geeks out there.

A novel written in 2005 by Tom DeHaven called "It's Superman!" is an excellent read and not at all what I expected. It's set in late 1930's America and very much strays from the standard Superman mythos but is a good read none the less.

A novel written by Kevin J. Anderson entitled "Last Days of Krypton". I have to say I think I would have enjoyed this book even if it had nothing to do with Superman. It is an masterfully told story.

As far as the many comic origin stories out there, I enjoyed Superman Secret Origins by Geoff Johns but Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid really takes the cake in story telling in my opinion. I've already read it twice. I would recommend getting the graphic novel as opposed to the individual comics because of the extras you get in the introduction and prologue.

And for a quick read the graphic novel Luthor by Brian Azzarello was an excellent take on Superman from Luthor's point of view.

I could go on and on, believe me, but I'm going to end this post with what was to me exciting news of the newest man cast to play Superman/Clark Kent. . .

Henry Cavill. I personally could care less if he's British. So is Christian Bale and so was Vivien Leigh (although born and raised in India). And who are we to complain when we had an amazing American actor portray the inimitable Sherlock Holmes?

I am personally looking forward to this movie and am endeavoring to have no expectations for it just that it will be a fun film. I have to admit I have been perusing Google news for any new Superman casting information. I am anxious to see who they will cast as Lois Lane and have my personal favorite hope of Rachel McAdams being cast for the part. I think she would be PERFECT but....that's just me.

Okay, so hopefully I did not bore you guys too much with my longer than I meant it to be post about my Superman addiction. I promise I will get around to posting pretty pictures soon. ;)


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