Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Danielle and Jared :: in love :: North Carolina Engagement

This is from the fun session that I previewed earlier of the two lovebirds swinging from an old rope swing.

We first started out at the property that will soon be their home. It was such a cute rustic spot with an amazing weathered old barn:

 This shot makes me smile. . .
 Sadly, the sweet little black pup you see here on the right has since passed away. The groom is a real lover of animals, as you will soon see more of.
 Here they are standing in front of what will soon be their new home.
Why, yes, that is a chicken and a rooster. It was an idea Jared (the groom) came up with and thought we would laugh at but we actually loved it.
Here we are a la American Gothic. . .

We changed locations and decided to head over to what they have decided will be the location of their wedding. No. . .not the old caboose. . .
Taking a little walk to the stage where they are to be wed and showing a little goofiness.

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!
 My view. . .
Spencer's view. . .

 This is the exact spot where Jared proposed to Danielle at Raffaldini Vineyards
Isn't the building absolutely gorgeous?! I was in love with the feeling of being transported to an old world vineyard.

 A personal favorite! Spencer gets such great shots.

 They both have such amazing eyes!

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