Friday, April 1, 2011

Autumn and Ryan :: in love :: Atlanta Engagement

This was a somewhat unique photo session. No, not in the way it was shot since that was done in my usual way of doing everything in my power to capture the love between two people. 

No, this was different in the way I processed the pictures after the shoot. I had a special request from the soon-to-be bride and groom to give the pictures a little extra funky touch. . .so I obliged their wishes and took each section of our time together and processed it in a way that I felt added to the feel of the shoot. I hope you like it as much as the couple did.

We started out at this really cool "beer bar" in Little Five Points 
where they have spent a good bit of their time while dating. 

 I was in love with the decor.

 This is a favorite of mine.

 We walked down Little Five Points and got a few shots on our way to one of their other regular spots. . .
Right in front of the Variety Playhouse you can see on the left that we had a little interest in our photo project.

 This was a fun background to shoot against.
 Left is Spencer's point of view and right is my point of view.

We had to get some fun shots against the graffiti walls. Some of Ryan's favorites.

Next stop was Joe's. Awesome little coffee shop where I got an amazing peach icee drink of some sort that tasted just like drinking a real peach.

 This is definitely one of my favorite ring shots. . .

 . . . which is a close race with this one. I love playing with focusing on the ring that binds. ;)
After that we headed over to the park where Ryan proposed to Autumn which was also the place where they finally met after running in the same circle of friends for so long.
 We caught the last few rays of sun while we were there giving such lovely glow to the images.

 Seriously, a FAVORITE!!!! Her eyes are amazing.

 Heeheee, cuteness personified.
Our last stop was this awesome little bookshop, the Atlanta Book Exchange located at 591 N Highland Avenue Northeast; Atlanta, GA 30307-1438 

Autumn found the perfect book for her to peruse.

 I would definitely say that we had some fun while here.

Please contact me for your own in love session or feel free to look at more of my photography online. . .

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