Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cummings in love :: Augusta GA Engagement

I was just getting ready to blog about this couple's wedding but then I was embarrassed to realize that I never let you guys see the full engagement sessions even thought

SOOOO. . .first things first. . .here is their beautiful engagement session.

We started out in this amazing outdoor ampitheatre. I loved the lines and sunlight coming through.
 Great shot that my dear husband got. Love it.
 A little play on focus.

 The shot on the right is one of my favorites. Love so much about it.
 It took a little bit for them to warm up to me as this was the first time we had met but then they let their goofiness shine through.

 Thought this was a really cool place for some fun shots. Shows the elevation above sea level I think. Either that or it shows the level the water has risen to in the past. . .Spencer would know.

 Rare shot of me in action courtesy of Spencer.
 I liked this building and all the different windows and colors.
 Funny thing, we scheduled the engagement session for the end of October so that we could get some beautiful fall colors. Well, here in the south the colors had not quite hit their peak yet, especially in Augusta. I found this one little tree that had some color to it and I shot some fun shots in front of it so that Ave could have her fall portraits. ;)
 Love the quietness of this moment.
I love when I try something different and it works out. Ave said it was one of Daq's favorites. SCORE! They so obligingly climbed into this wheel for me and it bore pleasant fruitage.

 A little play with fountains.
 Click on the picture if this image doesn't play for you.
 I liked working with the different colors in this shoot. The turquoise of the flower box and her shirt and the red of the wall and the flowers. It just went well together.
 Our last stop for the evening was Mellow Mushroom in downtown Augusta to get our eats on. I couldn't resist one last shot in front of this funky painted wall. Then we sat around and enjoyed the rest of the evening with Pizza and beer. All photo sessions should end like that. ;D

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