Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Jack Corcoran :: One Year Baby Pictures - Covington GA

It is always so surreal to me how fast time passes between maternity sessions and their little offspring turning one. It honestly feels just like yesterday I was taking pictures of little Jack in utero and now he's a year old. 

He is seriously a pretty little boy. Not just cute or handsome, but downright pretty. 
I know that is an adjective normally reserved only for girls but in some cases it is more than applicable to boys as well. See for yourself:

 I LOVE little dimpled hands. . .
 He was very much enamored with the color yellow during our session.
 See what I mean? PRETTY!

 Love this one a LOT!

 I brought this cool abacus along to see how it would work out. I like the result. . .
and as you can see, he again is drawn to the color yellow. Too cute.
Mommy and Gabby joined for a few images.
 What an adorable little expression.
 Yellow. . .nuff said.
 I was sitting in his way as we was cruising around and he gave me this look. Priceless!
 An absolute and complete favorite. EVERY mother should have an image like this with her child.
Now I really do love portrait images like the one above but I would be hard pressed to say which I like more, images like above or images like what are coming next. . .
 I adore when I am let into someone's home to document a little piece of their everyday life.

 This one makes me giggle inside. I love Spencer's big ol' grin.
Gabby and Jack have a very special relationship. His mom firmly believes that one of the reasons he walked so early was because he wanted to get to Gabby. She is one of the sweetest dogs with him. Jack pulls on her and gets on top of her and she just takes it. It is rare and wonderful to find a dog like that.
 And the mom is pretty darn gorgeous too! 
The look of happiness on her face from watching her son makes me very happy.
See what I mean by capturing a little piece of their everyday life?
I think Jack wants some more, what about you?
 Seriously? Too cute for words. . .
 He was a happy camper one millisecond later. . .honestly. I am just glad that mom likes unhappy face pictures as much as I do. She totally understood me snapping this shot.
One thing that moms worried about me coming into their homes need to realize is that most every home looks great in black and white. ;D Seriously, and even though the images will be a little grainy and sometimes even slightly out of focus, I think they are priceless memories.
 Just like this one. What a happy little guy wandering around in nothing but his diaper. Wish I was unabashedly happy as he was in his skivvies.
or feel free to look at more of my photography online. . .
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  1. Love these!!! He's such a cutie!

  2. These pictures are so adorable! His little smile is the best :)