Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You wouldn't have known it from the storms last night but today turned out to be an absolutely GORGEOUS day. As I stood outside (watching my dog relieve herself) I felt the wind blow through my hair and it reminded me, once again, of how much I absolutely love the wind. I immediately came inside, opened the windows of my office (pollen be darned) and sat down to write this blog post.

I was cleaning up my office the other day and ran across this little booklet that my sister made for me one year with all of John William Waterhouse's works in it. To me, that man was a genius with his brushes. The reason I bring this up is because two of my favorite paintings by him strongly incorporate the wind.

Just look at the detail!
The details in this one especially boggle my mind. I was looking at it up close on my phone and I noticed details that I would NEVER have bothered with. The circles on the skirt of her dress. The motion blur on the trees blowing behind her. The outline of her hand through her sheer scarf. Seriously amazing!
Not only that but do you notice that there seems to be a dead bird on the ground on the left hand side of the painting. I may have to look up what that means, if anything.
Anyway. This post was just a little randomness expressing my love for the wonder that is wind and the exceptional talent of an artist.

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