Friday, April 15, 2011

Cummings in love :: Augusta Wedding - Part 1

My first wedding of the year was this March in Augusta GA/SC. 

I think it is vital that I got the opportunity to know the bride and groom in our engagement session that previous fall. The colors of the wedding were a salmon coral and turquoise. Such a fun color combination. The roses matched perfectly.

The groom helping his big brother get ready.
They loved their sunglasses. The groom looking too cool for school. . .
. . .and his megawatt smile.

This was my favorite groomsmen shot. I love the fun they are having together.

A few more detail shots as the bride got ready for the day.
 I love the elegance of her dress and the way the beading gave it such a subtle beauty.

Her mother was such a cute character. She was so happy for her daughter and proudly gave her away to a man she is confident will love and cherish her firstborn daughter the way she should be.
You may now kiss the bride. :D
Part two coming to the blog soon!!

or feel free to look at more of my photography online. . .

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