Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just for Baby

One of my best friends who is also my cousin through marriage just had a baby girl named Lilah Claire. As a gift I made her a name frame to hang in Lilah's room. I of course also made one for Lilah's big sister Alexis so she wouldn't feel left out. Alexis was so appreciative she wrote me a thank you note all by herself.

The name frames are incredibly easy to make and I LOVE making them. I just use my seemingly endless resource of scrap embellishments and I get a natural wood 12x12 frame from Michaels and hand paint it. I have made two others in the past for workmates of mine and they have been hugely successful at evoking smiles and tears from the moms-to-be. I can make them to any theme of your choosing. Let me know if they strike your fancy and I will be happy to custom make one for you. Contact me for prices. Price varies upon size.

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