Friday, December 21, 2007

The Most Important Day of the Year

I canNOT concentrate today at work so I am going to do some backtracking to catch up some of my friends in far away places and not so far away places.

So my very first post on here stated that one of the purposes of this blog was to rave about my four year old son...well I think you have waited long enough for that. He is the most gorgeous (as you will see from the pictures), sweetest, happy, energetic, and loving creature. The first set of pictures are of our happy little family at the Memorial of Jesus's death this year. We posed in front of our neighbor's tree. :) I thought it was ours at the time. The tie is adorably too big for Liam but for my wedding, I was trying like crazy to find a tie that matched Spencer's so a sweet and thoughtful girl at work saw this tie at Wal-Mart and bought it for him. These pictures were taken in May so I was still shaving my dear hubby's hair until I got my way in persuading him not to shave it anymore. He has gorgeous hair but is SO self conscious about that thing that happens to the majority of men's scalps.

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