Friday, May 15, 2009


Gold. A precious metal and still a valuable one despite the appearance of platinum on the market. This metal comes out of the ground with so many natural impurities. But with repeated exposure to fire something so pure and so sought after is born.

Three years ago today, Spencer and I were on our honeymoon in Savannah, Georgia. In the years that have followed, we have had some craptastic times but considering how much we have grown as individuals and as a couple, it was ALL worth it.

Dave Matthews Band is pretty much our favorite band of ALL times. We saw them together one time before we were dating, but that's a long story for another time. :) I personally think that he is an amazing lyricist. In fact, I had some lyrics from the chorus of "Rapunzel" engraved into his ring.

I think the world of you
All of my heart I do
Blood through my veins for you
You alone have all of me
I give my world to you
To you Ill be true

This year, Spencer kept asking me if I wanted to go see the Dave Matthews Band Concert and I kept saying no because with him being unemployed up until a few months ago, we really didn't have the extra funds.

Flash forward to April 22nd and I realized I was only a few weeks away from our anniversary and had not even given my gift for Spencer a passing thought. No idea how I had let it slip by like that. Then, it hit me, I would get him tickets to see Dave Matthews Band because they usually don't tour until June or July....right?

WRONG! Found out that they were coming the very next week. YIKES! So the mad scramble began to find tickets on Craig's List. Success! However, obviously, I had to ruin the surprise and tell Spencer about it before our anniversary.

I don't think he minded too much.
Gotta love having my iPhone with me when no cameras are allowed.

It was SUCH an awesome concert. The very first full length song that he played was "Rapunzel". It couldn't have been more perfect.

Whereas I wouldn't say that Spencer are to the point of refinement as gold, we have definitely gotten so much stronger and our love so much purer for all that we have been through.

I love you, dear one of my heart, and I look forward to many many years to come.

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