Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fraziers in Love-Covington GA Lifestyle Photography Session

Funny how things work out. You think that someone is doing you a favor, and it turns out that they think you are doing them a favor. At the beginning of the summer, I asked some good friends of mine let me photograph them all about town because I had been wanting to experiment in a few places around town.

Finally, I am getting a post up of this delightful photo shoot that my dear friends obliged me with.

I love how much they laugh together.

We had fun trying out several new locations that I had had my eye on.
I had posted this picture before but love it so much I wanted to include it with the whole set.

The picture above and the one below are perfect examples of my favorite type of images from any photoshoot. I love that moment when the subject forgets that I'm there taking pictures of them and starts to act natural and/or interact with the their spouse and I get genuine smiles and laughter. It makes my heart go pitty pat. :D

See what I mean? {{happy sigh}}
This was me laying on the ground playing around with shooting against the sun. I have a lot to learn yet but the results are not wholly unpleasing.

"You best be moseying along and stop flirting with my wife young man."

LOVE how this experiment turned out. Lee decided he wanted to show off his Spiderman abilities. NOT bad. I would never attempt it...because I would fail miserably.
I hope all of my clients humour me with as good of a nature as they did.

I was so brokenhearted when they took these chairs away from this old gas station. At least I have shots like this to remember them by.

Me standing on top of our car to get a somewhat aerial view of this scene. Have I mentioned I'm 5 foot 2 inches?

This tree was so beautiful in full bloom that we had to figure out a way to incorporate it somehow.
Definitely one of my faves.
I love the quiet peace of this one.
But the smiles couldn't hold out for long.
Want to know why I would choose a parking garage for pictures? One of the many reasons is as you see below. . .Yummy lines. ;)
I have a whole slideshow of these two lovelies featured here.

Hope you enjoyed these. I have so many more posts lined up for the next few weeks that you won't know what hit you. ;) Have I whetted your appetite?

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  1. I really love this photoshoot. My favorite has to be the one where their shadows are in the window. Awesome job!!