Thursday, September 3, 2009

The First Love of My Life-Covington GA Photography

I have scores and scores of pictures of Liam sleeping. You may ask why...there is no time a child looks more beautiful than when they are sleeping.
Can you blame me? My extraordinarily beautiful baby boy.

He turned six on Saturday and he was SOOO excited. Just like last year, he expected to shoot up a few inches as soon as he turned 6. I had to explain to him that there are 365 days between one birthday to the next and over the course of those days he has grown ALOT. Then I showed him on our little measuring wall. It is so cute how he needs things explained and visuals to truly get things.
It baffles me how this little profile looks exactly like it did in the sonogram image. Jehovah really knows what he's doing.
The personality of him is enough to make you laugh and cry at the simultaneously sometimes. Here he is showing his macho side...muscles and Hulk...
And these are some images I found from last school year. He got into his head that he wanted to make "fairy houses." This is the result.
How sweeeettt!!!!
A quick shot of the inside. Just a few details. The not quite fully grown pinecone is the seat with a leaf at the back and the twig is the coffee table.
One more's the same as above but with a little extra action love. How can I not showcase those lashes again?


  1. And he's all mine this weekend!!! Muahhahahahaha I really like the necklace you made BTW

  2. Love the lashes photo - the focus is just spot on!!

  3. Thanks Nicola. It honestly took quite a few shots to get the lashes just right. That's why a sleeping subject is so great to practice on. ;)