Friday, October 2, 2009

Attempts at Domesticity

I am a murderer of flowers. I cannot seem to keep them alive. And if I attempt to plant a garden. . .well let's not go into that atrocity against nature.

Anyone who has ever gone to Target has most likely been drawn in by the inappropriately named "dollar spot" (being that not everything there is one dollar). They keep it updated with the seasons and, in Spring of this year, they had quite a bit of gardening items and things of that nature.

Well, I couldn't help but snatch up a few of the little kits that included a tiny flower pot, seeds and a soil pellet of sorts. It was nearly impossible to resist because they were just so small and cute.

There they sat on my windowsill in the kitchen for months on end, neglected and forlorn. Liam kept asking me when we were going to plant them and I kept putting him off. Until late last week when I decided to continue a little streak of mother and son activities we had going on. It was quite fun to do and his reactions were so cute to the varying sizes and shapes of the seeds, and admittedly, we both thought it was so awesome to watch the soil pellets grow once you poured the water on them.

Anyway, I digress. The purposed of this post is to inform you of my complete astonishment at the quick rate that our little plants have been growing and flourishing. I took the pictures below only a few days after we planted them and the progress since then is so advanced that these pictures are greatly outdated.

(side note about this next picture: have you ever found yourself with the accessory to an item/appliance that you have already thrown away? if you have, then you can sympathize with me for having three of those little containers that are supplied with your iron to assist you in putting water in them for steam. so why not use one of them for a watering can?)

The plant above is called a "sensitive plant." I kid you not when I say that the package gave it no other name. It is so named because when you touch the leaves (as it shows in the above illustration) the leaves react by beginning to close. As you can imagine, this can be quite entertaining, as Spencer and I have discovered.

Here is a little collage of our little plant babies. As you can see, at the time, our little oregano and marigold were quite barren. I am proud to say that they are now proud parents to several little sprouts each. ;)
I thought this one was quite cool since it comes with it's own greenhouse contraption. I rarely have to water it since its little house keeps things quite moist. If I had not read the instructions, I would have thrown out the plastic casing thinking nothing of it. Glad I read the instructions.
Thank you for bearing with me for my little episode of home and gardens. Would you believe that on the other side of this very window is a woefully neglected patch of garden that is begging to be weeded? :( Yep, we'll just have to see how long these little guys last.

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