Friday, June 24, 2011

Animated Pictures are Just so Durn Fun!

Okay so I haven't put one of my fun animated pictures up in a little while and I felt this one warranted a showing! I love how fun these shots turned out just for this simple blog post alone. Don't you just love how the groom looks like he is about to eat his sister at one point in the progression?! 

These are the kinds of fun images I love taking. The ones that don't necessarily come out the sharpest or such but that show the true joy of the moment. :D
Don't feel bad if you end up watching this over and over again, I have a bad habit of doing that as well when the subjects aren't half so interesting. ;) Heck, I'm not going to even tell you how long I have sat here at my computer watching this one. . .over. . .and over. . .

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  1. that is the coolest thing I've seen a long time!!!