Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kaleigh and Josh :: in love :: Covington GA Engagement Photos

It's not very often I get a bride SO on top of things that she hires her photographer over a year ahead of time. 

That is just the kind of girl Kaleigh is. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. I am just fortunate to be one of those things she wants. ;) You better believe that I wanted to work extra hard to make her engagement session live up to her expectations. 

With all that in mind, imagine my dismay when I show up at our meeting location 
(Oxford College) and am greeted by pouring rain. 

See what a pretty place it is during the sunshine?
Well, when the rain died down some, we made our way over to one of the student halls for a few inside shots as we waited to see if the sun would grace us with it's presence for longer than a few minutes.
Despite the sunshowers I am in love with this shot taken in the upstairs of Candler Hall Student Center.

As the rain decided to give us quite a break, we made our way outside and first spent a little bit of time in front of Seney Hall. . .

Then we walked around the beautiful campus itself.

I have to explain what is happening in the images below. He wanted me to take a picture of the way that he is in the habit of coming up behind her to embrace her. That resulted in the first great shot, then I asked him to kiss her on the neck. . .well. . .it tickled, resulting in the second image where it looks like he has her in a headlock. I love how things just happen sometimes.

I found out this was one of Kaleigh's favorites and I can definitely see why. What a beautiful face!
This was an idea of theirs because it's an activity they are often engaged in. I loved how it turned out.

I played around with the new Fuji Instax camera that Spencer had just given me for our five year anniversary! Yay for instant pictures!
Not sure if I've mentioned how much I love laughing images. Have I? {{rolling eyes}}

I played around in photoshop a little with this one.
We were hot and tired by the end of our session because we trekked along the nature trail there at the college and you can imagine the mud we encountered. . .but Kaleigh had one last place up her sleeve. . .

It was perfect. I LOVE this big hill!
They were so sweet as to lay down on the wet grass for me when I asked. How incredibly obliging of them!
Getting married and looking for a photographer of your own? Please contact me and we'll talk pictures. . .
or feel free to look at more of my photography online. . .
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  1. Beautiful Pics of 2 beautiful people! Congrats you guys!!


  2. Beautiful pictures of Two beautiful people. My Granddaughter and future Grandson.

  3. Abra, I love these pics! You did such a good job! : )


  4. The pics are awesome! Thanks again!