Friday, June 17, 2011

Kelsey and Shane :: in love :: Covington Georgia Engagement Photos

When Spencer found out that this young lady was dating, he started feeling his age (the baby that he is). ;) He remembers holding her when she was a baby and now for her to be engaged to be married. . .well most of us "old folks" know how that feels. 

I have been wanting to photograph Kelsey for some time now because I just am in love with her look. She has such a unique beauty and effortless style that it was really a joy to work with her. 

She also had some FUN ideas. After we met up, we headed over to Ingles to grab some colorful balloons while the guys sat in the car "bonding" as they waited. ;) Yep, good times.

In our first location, the grass was a wee bit higher than I had anticipated, thankfully I had brought bug spray.

Little did we know, our next location was going to have some issues of it's own. . .

I had scoped out this little area that I thought was public property with plenty of green and some old abandoned buildings and a train track to boot!
 Aren't the hearts cute? Sewed them myself!

Unique beauty and effortless style. He's not too bad looking himself either.

 My view and his view coming right up!

SOOO! After we had been in the area shooting for a bit, this truck comes pulling up so Spencer goes to talk to the guy who proceeds to tell us that the Sheriff's Deputy has been called and we're on private property. Of course I immediately suggest we leave and he's all like "It's too late for that. . ." blah blah blah.

Seriously?!?!?! Anyway, I calm my dear clients/friends down and continue to take pictures on the railroad tracks while we wait. They were such troopers.
So, the Deputy arrives and I go up to her to explain what we were doing and she smiles at me and tells me now to worry and that if they had told her that we had balloons she would never have even come out. She was SO sweet and got all giddy when I told her it was an engagement session.

Well, that was an adventure that I hope never to be repeated. I learned something important though, just because there is no sign saying a place is "private property" or "no trespassing" doesn't mean it's fair game.
 Well, after that adventure we moved along to one of my favorite spots that to me is just a beautiful location in a little town in Georgia called Newborn (pronounced Nu-burn for all you non-southerners out there).
 I just love the texture of this old door. . .
 . . .and the color of this one.
 They are just too good looking!

 These two are some of my favorites, then again, I am partial to laughing pictures.
The balloons made a brief reappearance.

 This was one of Kelsey's cute ideas. They are actually written out in each of their handwriting.

{{HUGS}} :D
Then we headed on over to the establishment where they had their first unofficial date. . .


I know those poor dear people who work there thought we were out of our minds as we sat down at that booth and started taking pictures. At least they were polite enough to keep their opinions to themselves. Lord knows, they've probably seen stranger things.
 Aren't they just the cutest?
After we went to dinner (and not at the Waffle House, by the by) we headed back to my home office and grabbed a few shots by the water tower in our backyard.


Yes. . .you read correctly, the water tower in our backyard. ;)
Not too many jobs out there have you buying balloons, dodging bugs, getting the authorities called and all while hanging out with good friends and good people. . .but my job does! Hurray for that.  

Getting married and looking for a photographer of your own? Please contact me and we'll talk pictures. . .
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  1. hey the pictures look good and im happy for yall!

  2. Thank you Abra and like Nicola said well done :)

  3. Abra, we had so much fun and the pictures turned out great! Thanks again!!! By the way, I'm so glad you included some of our adventures from the day. We will never forget them! :)

  4. Angela Williams(Kelsey's mom)June 18, 2011 at 8:47 PM

    I LOVE the pictures! Maybe I'm partial but, I think they're a beautiful couple. Thanks for their session. They loved it. Great job!

  5. Kelsey those photos are absolutely amazing! I love the incident involving the police officer ;)...congrats to the both of you. You guys really are a beautiful couple!

  6. Great pictures Kelsey! My favorite is the picture frame one.

  7. This is like the 58796907th time I've looked at this but I love them every time! :)

  8. Kelsey-
    These pictures are gorgeous! I enjoyed looking at them-Thanks for sharing! The police being called will make a great story for your future children!

  9. Wonderful Pictures. She really captured the love that each of you have in your heart.

  10. Kelsey's PapaJuly 21, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    You two are a beautiful couple!