Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vice Wedding :: in love :: North Carolina Wedding - Part 1 of 2

This wedding was awesome wedding that I just couldn't wait to get the chance to photograph. As much as I enjoyed their engagement session, I knew the wedding would be amazing too!

As there are so many images to share with this wedding, I am going to break it up into two parts. 

Enjoy Part One!

Curls don't want to stay in Danielle's hair so her sister had to work extra hard to make her wedding day do the curly affair she dreamed of. It was quite amusing watching the process as each section was meticulously curled. (Do you see her mom's method of holding her hair back there?)

Meanwhile, it would seem Jared was having a little fight with his necktie.
The resulting "poodle look" that Danielle sported for the rest of the afternoon until she got dressed. Poodle hair and Basset Hound face.

Spencer was at the wedding location with the guys while the girls primped and I think it's safe to say the guys were having a blast. I only wish I could have been there to participate in the fun.

They were so incredibly goofy that I had a blast looking through the images while editing them.
This is one of my favorite "serious" shots.

And this is definitely one of my favorite goofy shots. I don't know who's idea it was but THUMBS UP!

This dress suited Danielle to a T. Right up her alley. And any number of other cliched phrases you would like to insert here. ;)
Whereas corseted dresses look awesome, they are a pain in the tush to put together.
The photo on the left shows Danielle getting rid of her poodle look to get luxurious soft curls.
Danielle and Jared opted not to see each other before the wedding. This photo opportunity was not planned. As we were passing Jared's dressing room door, I knocked to see if he was appropriate for a picture. LOVE IT!
The girl's looked absolutely fabulous and although it was threatening to rain, the good thing was that it made the greenery look SO lush.

This is my favorite shot that I posted on Facebook some weeks ago. I love the natural and happy look of it.
Yessirree! She's a stunner!
Sometimes certain pictures just call out to me to be played with. This one in this instance. I don't usually, but I like it.
Sometimes, when looking at people's wedding pictures I wonder how the people have the nerve to sit down on strange and possibly not clean surfaces. . .in this case, we have to give a shot out to the wonderful paper towels protecting the girl's lovely derrieres.
Absolutely positively stunning! Thank you for this shot Spencer!
I was looking at this picture of the two sisters while waiting for the ceremony to start and I actually teared up. They are such good friends.
And here is Danielle with the new sister that she is acquiring.

Wedding are such great family expanders. (I can say this because I am fortunate enough to love my in-laws. . .and in a weird convoluted legal way, the people in this wedding are related to me too!)
Stay tuned for Part TWO!!

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