Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vice Family :: Family Photos :: North Wilkesboro NC

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you would see that at the beginning of June I had my first double wedding weekend which consisted of travelling to North Carolina on Friday where the night before the wedding I photographed the groom with his family. They hadn't had any family photos in about 10 years and felt it was about time. 

As I drove up the first thing I noticed was how pretty their 
gardening/landscaping was. Their home was so cute and quaint. 
The first thing I was requested to do was take a picture that would emulate one that was taken at their previous session. It was almost depressing to see how much little ones can change in a matter of 10 years. I wish I had a copy of the original to be able to show you the difference.
I am not sure what kind of tree this is behind them but I love it! I have always loved weeping willows but they  suck up too much water (I am told) and these look just as appealing.

Don't they look lovely?
 Ahhhh! Laughing. My favorite. ;)
As they were walking and "talking" they couldn't help but focus their attention on their son as he would be getting married the next day.

As we walked around the house, I discovered that the sun was positioned most perfectly on the horizon. I love how these turned out.
Then who can resist a beautiful big old tree?
They have recently celebrated 25 years of marriage. Personally, when I first saw her I thought she was the sister of the groom, not his mom. Some people just don't age as rapidly as others.
This one had a 70's feel to it and I just had to go for it in my processing. I like how it turned out.

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