Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have been on another one of what I call my "Jane Austen kicks" when I have been voraciously devouring her works of fiction and watching the somewhat sad attempts at portraying her wit on screen.

I once read that most of the films completely miss the point that she was truly trying to make. I tend to agree with that but at the same time I still enjoy the films on their own merit. I am one of those people who will tell you that the book was definitely better but the movie's not half bad either. I definitely never go to a movie thinking it's going to be just like the book. It's like thinking a painting will be just like a song. Different art mediums. I do not envy one bit those who have the task of adapting books into movies.

Most will tell you that Pride & Prejudice is their favorite book of hers and it is definitely one of the top for me but Persuasion has been steadily gaining more ground for affection in my heart.

I love love stories where the hero and heroine have real cause for being in love. If you ask me what is my favorite fairy tale, I will at once tell you that it is Beauty and the Beast because she knew him and loved him despite his beastly appearance. Or one of my favorite classic novels is Jane Eyre because she fell in love with Mr. Rochester's intellect from their conversations together. I scoff at Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and other such heroines who fall in love with the "handsome prince" on his handsomness and being a prince alone.

Well thank you internet for listening to what was on my mind this evening as I labored along editing photographs of beautiful people. . .

What?!?! You want to see some of those photographs rather than read my ramblings? Well fine. Stay tuned and you shall. ;D

For now I will leave you with an older picture I ran across in my "Random 2011" folder. Cutest little boogers.

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