Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sarah and Martin :: in love :: Covington GA Engagement Pictures

Whenever a photographer gets contacted by another photographer to take their pictures. . .the pressure's on! Will you live up to their expectations? How will the shoot go?

Well when I met with Sarah and talked to her, I realized she was meeting with me because she liked what she had already seen and that's all I needed to do.

Martin couldn't get out of his head that this was going to be a stiff Olan Mills type of production at first. Once he figured out I actually wanted him to kiss Sarah, he was good to go. ;)

 We started out in one of my favorite places where there is sure to be beautiful even light to get things started.
 Oh look! It's a he shot/she shot! I will admit, I like his better.

 Kiss her? SURE!

I am in love with colorful doors. Sadly, my own front door is quite bland. In other news, I LOVE how playful they were together. As much as I love the quiet shots like the one above, my heart really belongs to the fun ones with plenty of smiles.

 Oh Sarah, you are beautiful even if you don't agree. I think you are outnumbered. 
I know that Martin agrees with me.
 While I was changing my camera settings. they pulled this one on me thinking I wouldn't get it. Thankfully, they forgot about Spencer. .bwahaahahahahaha!

 Okay, I am getting tired of being jealous of the cool creative shots that Spencer gets. :/ Nothing but love here though. He likes to say it's because he has a good teacher. . .but he's biased.
 Too cute!
You know, they say certain things get passe and overdone but the way I see it, everything you do is unique to THAT couple because THAT couple is in it and no one else. I love that she was eager and willing to sit down on the train tracks in her beautiful dress. . .and I love this shot.
 :D He did this all on his own.
 Would you kiss her again please? NO problem.
 See the three below for exhibits A. B. and C. of why I just ADORE laughing fun shots:

Exhibit A.
 Exhibit B.
 Exhibit C.
So this is a funny story. Anyone who schedules a shoot with me may notice that I usually set the time to be later in the evening. This is for several reasons. It's cooler in the summer and easier for Spencer to join me but the number one reason is the LIGHT. I am always hoping that the sun cooperates with me and shows me how beautiful it can be as it retires for the evening.

Unfortunately this doesn't always happen. In fact, this time it didn't seem like it was going to so we got in the car and headed off for some much deserved sustenance for our bellies. . . 

So we're driving down the main drag in Covington towards the restaurant when I all of a sudden start freaking out because the sun was, in a word, spectacular! GRRRR! I began searching for a place to pull over because I just HAD to get them with that sun behind them. Thankfully, Sarah and Martin completely understood. That's one of the advantages of photographing a photographer.

The result is how you see below. . .{{SIGH}} I love when the sun shows me how purty she can be.

Thank you so much Sarah and Martin for being rockstars! I think I would have been happy if I just got this shot! I am looking forward to your wedding in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!
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  1. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Is the exact same way I feel. But in a good excited way!