Monday, July 14, 2008


Good lord what a weekend. It was such a LONG weekend for being only 2 days long. Packed to the gills with fun and work and fun work. The Pirate Party was this Saturday and OH BOY was it cute and fun and HOT as hades! The humidity was enough to make a person exclaim, “I’m melting…melting away! What a world, what a world!”

Directly after that I had to rush home to finish cleaning up the house for the girl’s night that I had been planning to have BEFORE Spencer lost his job. You never realize fully how messy your house is until you know people who have never seen it before will be coming over. {{rolling eyes}} First impressions and all. I decided to make something that I thought would be easy and inexpensive. Swiss style cheese fondue. Not easy and not inexpensive. It called for Gruyere cheese, which is almost $10 for a block and Kirsch Liqueur, which they don’t sell in Georgia by the way. It took both my best friend and I to make it and I still don’t think it came out the way it was supposed to. At least it tasted okay.

Fast forward to Sunday and after the meeting at the Kingdom Hall, Spencer and I came home and crashed before going to a “Jazz on the Green” going away party for some friends of ours. Fun times considering it stormed all afternoon before the party. Undaunted, we all spread our
blankets and mats on the lawn anyway and snacked and enjoyed the live singing.

Picture wise I have lots of goodies to come. I am finally almost finished editing and post processing the tea party pictures only to have to start on the Pirate pictures. {{SIGH}} Just in case you guys wouldn’t have guessed, my little man was the cutest gentleman pirate EVER!! Then I also have pictures of the jazz night to work on. YAY! On the good side, after being in Covington for two years people are finally starting to realize that I have a gift for taking pictures. I have never been one to push myself but I would mention my photographic past to people at random times. I guess because photography is one of those “hobbies” almost anyone can say they are good at, my statements didn’t hold too much water until the evidence was seen. :D

While you patiently await the above-mentioned peektures I will grace my blog with some more of the picnic pictures mentioned previously.

Now I promise I am not going to plague you with ALL of the “before and after”s but be prepared to scroll for a while with all of the pictures because after I learned some kick butt tricks from my favorite Pioneer Woman, I opened up this picture folder and went to town on them

So here we have my little man showing how truly froglike he can be to accent his lovely face painting job.Here we see why photoshop is the best thing since sliced bread. What seems to be a good picture can be made great by a few clicks of the mouse and all of a sudden you have the colors and so forth that you remember seeing and not just some blah imposter colors.
You may remember this picture from a previous post? Can you believe the difference. I feel ashamed for sending out the bbq pictures to family and friends before I got the chance to "fix" them.

Another cute as can be butterfly girl.This is the lovely artist at work on her first volunteer, JJ. As you saw, he got a frog so Liam had to follow suit.

These are the lovely hosts of the BBQ. Please ignore the colorful shirt on the gentleman below. I must admit they are a bit accentuated by the action I chose.

Turns out I still was not able to post ALL of the pictures I wanted here from the BBQ as time would not permit. More to come later, if you can stand it.

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  1. The changes to the photos look great. I love the pioneer womans site as well. Have a good weekend.