Friday, July 25, 2008

One Big Fat Sigh of a Day. . .

. . . and it's only halfway over.
Ever just have one of those days?

During World War II, Hitler was identifying all of those he hated with patches sewn on their clothes of different shapes and/or colors. The most well known of these is the common overlapping triangles that formed the Star of David which was used to identify prisoners of Jewish descent. Jehovah’s Witnesses identifying color was purple or violet.

Now it may sound somewhat macabre but my family, starting with an anniversary gift specially made for my father, all have had made or purchased for themselves rings with triangular amethyst stones. To us, it is a symbol that we too can remain steadfast despite the trials and tribulations that we face. Especially since nothing we face is as torturous as the persecution they underwent in concentration camps.

Right after I started coming back to my senses from my walk on the wild side and right before I found out I was pregnant with Liam, my mom gave me my first purple triangle ring with the most moving card. I only wear it occasionally because it is gold and I rarely wear gold. Today is one of those rare occasions that I wear gold. This morning at work I looked down and noticed my stone was missing.

Now I know for a fact that it was there when I put it on because I remember thinking how well the purple went with the burgundy shirt I am wearing. {{sigh}} My only comfort is the fact that at least I still have the setting and the stone can be replaced but it hurts none the less. As soon as I noticed it missing I asked all my co-workers to keep their eyes pealed for it but I don’t have much hope that it will be found. Stones are so difficult to locate…kind of like losing an earring back.

Besides that, I am having the most difficult time concentrating knowing that in 5 hours I will be on my way to the beach with my dear family. Then I freshly realized why it is I don’t bother growing my nails…they break and then you are devastated. I told Spencer that I know that it is a common joke about girls getting upset when they break a nail but when it takes that long to get your nails to grow it is a big deal. Not to mention that mine didn’t just break this morning…it tore down below my nail bed by about a quarter of an inch. Yeah, that’s a big OUCH!!! It is currently being held together by tape until I can buy some nail glue because it would be a bit too painful, and it would expose too much of my nail bed, to cut it off where it broke.

So have any of you bloggies/blogonians out there had days filled with lots of little yucky things that added up making your day a complete crapper? Feel free to share if you would like…after all misery loves company.

I am planning on getting my dear blog back to it’s old link-filled self soon although I may be strung up by my toes if I try to work on it this weekend while on vacation. But I will be working on pirate pictures on the road there and back thanks to a lovely car ac adapter. Hey why not on a 4 ½ hour road trip? You all have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Poor pookie, if it makes you feel any better I lost the stone mine too but I found it Unfortunately because of the setting it's not the strongest to hold the stone so it's kinda pointless to get it reset AGAIN