Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bailey Morgan

These were taken at a picnic at Bailey's grandparent's house...consider this a sneak peak of the long overdue pictures I have yet to post from this picnic. :)

So I have mentioned on here before that Liam’s best friend, JJ, is moving away, back to California. I never thought a whole lot about the impact of the fact that Bailey is moving too. Liam and Bailey really get along better than Liam and JJ do, as her mother and I were discussing last night. It was the cutest thing last night as we were waiting for dinner to be ready and JJ and Liam were on the shore fishing with their daddies and Bailey was up at the house on the balcony:

“Liam, come here!”

“I’m fishing!”

“Come here, I got something to tell you!”

“Tell me now!”

“No, you got to come here!
Stop fishing and come inside!”

“No, Bailey, I’m going to keep fishing until I want to stop fishing!”

Do they not sound like an old married couple?
Spencer said that they saw each other at the District Convention this weekend and kept hugging each other and Bailey took Liam’s face in her hands and squished his cheeks together. TOO cute.


  1. Cute post, they do sound like an old married couple. Sorry about your husbands job.