Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Batman and Pirates

Liam got his invitation for the "Treasure Hunt" party last night.

He gets into the car at the Kingdom Hall and announces:

"I am Batman for the rest of the night."

After waiting the eternity it takes for him to buckle his own seatbelt, I handed him the invitation. Much glee ensued and the whole way to Kroger to get gas there was nothing but Pirate talk in the back seat.

"I'm going to be the captain."

"Well baby, we don't know who will be captain yet." My way of maintaining peace for the moment, because the invitation is from "Captain" JJ

"I'm going to wear an eye pack and JJ's going to wear an eye pack and Jeff's (JJ's grandpa) going to wear an eye pack and Bailey's (JJ's sister) going to wear an eye pack..."

"Baby, Bailey's not going to be there"

"Jeremy's (JJ's dad) going to wear an eyepack" he continues without missing a beat. "I've never worn pirate clothes, I just have my lion at home. Mommy, I'm going to have a sword."

"Okay baby, we'll see."

"Daddy are you going?"

"Yes, baby"

"Are you going to dress up"


"Are you going mommy?"


"Are you going to dress up like a pirate?"

"Probably not baby." Hey! I'm only the photographer here.

"I need a pirate name"

"How about first mate Leroy" I say pulling one of his daddy's favorite pretend names out of the air.

"NO! That's not a pirate name. I need a pirate name."

Peter Pan comes to my head but I immediately dismiss this because, HELLO, he's not a pirate, he fights pirates. "How about Noodles?"

"Noodles is good. My pirate name is Noodles. I like that. Call me Noodles at the pirate party."

I look at Spencer with my hands covering my mouth to keep from laughing because, of course, I only suggested this name as a joke.

As we are driving home listening to Liam talk like a pirate in the backseat and listening to Spencer dream up ways of how he can create a peg leg (not to mention me dreaming up how to dress up my little man to make him look like the coolest pirate EVER) all of a sudden it hits me and I turn to Spencer:

"I miss the dinosaurs."

"What? He still plays with them. Liam, what's your favorite toy in the whole world?"


"Do you have pirate toys?"


"Hey, I thought you were going to be Batman for the rest of the night?" I say trying to trap him.

"I am Batman."

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  1. What a cute story. Pirate Noodles, that sounds a cool name.