Monday, June 30, 2008

I can't do it

I stopped strictly following the "Ultra Simple Diet".

I know! I know!...I'm a failure.

My chiropractor laughed at me when I said this. I told him that I had been going through so many mood swings and I just felt BLECH on the diet and he said that I was probably just detoxing. I told him I didn't have time to feel like that especially right now. He told me to try it again later at a time when I don't have so much going on.

I still feel like a failure.

What a sad post for my 100th post.

Let's brighten things up by letting you feast your eyes on the bluest pair of eyes you have ever seen.
Isn't he the cutest? These were taken almost a year ago I think. He has grown so much since then and he has the most beautiful blonde hair. I think this one is my favorite. Funny side note, he is actually slobbering all over my lens cap grasped tightly in those chubby little hands. It never got so much love from me. :DAs you can see, I desaturated this one...all but his BLUE eyes. I then took a yellow brush and made his adorable blue ducks stand out a bit more.I call this one my Olan Mills shot. It is just too babyriffic. To go along with the perfect pose I used my newly acquired blur effect to make it more studioesque. {{wow, I am all about making up words today}}I can't help but loving this shot too. It is so typical of his personality. Friendly and all in your face. You can just imagine him giving you wet, open mouth kisses, can't you?


  1. I dont think you are a failure. These are great photos.

  2. You are so sweet. Thank you for the reassurance and compliments. :D Have a great week.