Monday, June 23, 2008

More Fun in the Sun and Waterplay

This is my favorite shot of my fearless little man holding on tight to his daddy's hand and to his Misa's hand as they get ready to jump in "together"

I took so many photos of our time at the pool a few weeks ago that I felt that I must share some more with you. Since this was a huge milestone for my little man, as I discussed here, I took quite a few..ahem...a LOT of shots. I had it set for multiple exposures. I couldn't miss a moment of action...or his hilarious expressions.

What you see below is a succession of shots that I took of him as he took a running leap into the pool. I love his many expressions ranging from what looks like fear in the first shot to pure glee. {{SIGH}} Good times, good times.
Here we see little man with eyelashes any girl would kill for. Makes me feel sorry for all those little girls who grow up to apply fake eyelashes. Isn't it odd how little boys seem to always be blessed with the greatest eyelashes.

By this point, Liam had gotten a bit tired of having his picture taken and went so far as to hide behind people before finally running for the back door. Still, I am glad I got this shot of his CRAZY pool hair.


  1. What a wonderful series of photos. You captured some great shots.


  2. Ahh! My little cutie how told me he loves going under water now.