Friday, June 13, 2008

More "Stinkin" Flowers. . . I can't help myself

You know, as tired as I am of photographing flowers, they are SO freaking beautiful and the ones around our house are blooming so I can’t help it. I try to find new and different angles but don’t always succeed. One of my favorite flowers is a hydrangea. I fought to have those on the men’s boutonnieres in my wedding because the girl who was doing my flowers was telling me that guys HAD to have roses in the boutonnieres that EVERYBODY used roses for the guys. Don’t I know many weddings as I have photographed, I also know how ugly roses are when they wilt and how heavy they are…So I put my foot down for once and there were NO roses for the men. YAY ME!!!

We exchanged many and kick bootie gifts this year for anniversary which I have not as yet even been able to show you guys (all kinds of goodies) but the BEST of all and the only one I will probably end up posting is "the surprise" that Liam worked on with Grandpa. LOVE it and it is a perfect addition to our little garden. Priceless.

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