Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spread the Love Thursday

It’s love Thursday and this week’s theme is about the enduring bond of friendship. I have neglected to get up amazing shots I took at a congregation barbecue I went to at a friends house but I came across this image in my search for an appropriate one to fit today’s theme.

The bonds of friendship at this age are so transient at this age. You never know if the friendships formed at this age will stand the test of time or not…or even the test of a day or two. For instance, the little boy in this shot is Liam’s “best friend” but at random times he will tell Liam “I’m not your friend anymore” for inexplicable reasons. This is not to point fingers because Liam has done the same thing to some of his other friends.

This brings to mind a picture I posted before of one of my friends and I. We were friends from toddlerhood and our lives have moved drastically apart over the years and now a whole continent separates us as she lives in California and I in Georgia but whenever we see each other we don’t feel like strangers.

All five of us grew up together and grew apart but still love each other dearly. Our friendships are not the same but distance has not extinguished them.

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  1. Good friends are great. Happy Love Thursday!