Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fast Shoes

The absolute CUTEST mugshot ever!

So on the way to the Kingdom Hall last night Liam all of a sudden pipes up from the backseat:

“Next time we go to the shoe store, can I get Skechers?”

"?!?!?!" Goes the front seat.

“Why do you want Skechers baby?”

“Because Nicholas has some and they are FAST.”

Spencer and I look at each other wide eyed in disbelief and laughter. Of course Spencer has to make some comment about the only fast shoes are PF Flyers (they really exist), which any of you who have ever watched The Sandlot will appreciate. (Definitely a must see movie.)

I just can’t believe the brand name requests are coming already. I knew it would happen eventually…after all I coveted Guess jeans just like anyone in my age group. I wore my ONE pair that I got from a second-hand store as proudly as if they were brand new. It wasn’t until I was in high school that it began to be acceptable and even something to be proud of that you shopped at the Goodwill or such. Oh those were the days...I thought I had more time before dealing with them again. {{SIGH}}

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