Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was talking to Spencer about bedtime yesterday and he made a point that I cannot deny but have a hard time putting into practice. He asked: If I know that going to bed late is going to adversely affect me for the whole next day, why don’t I just drop what I’m doing and go to bed? (like he does, which, by the way, infuriates me that he does this)My response (in my head at least): Because then nothing would get done! That’s why!

But would it?

Let’s look at this from the perspective of the domino effect:

Go to bed late in order to get things “done”

Get about 4 hours of sleep
Wake up late
Get to work late
Fall asleep on the drive to work and/or at work
Inability to concentrate or perform basic tasks
Problem-solving skills greatly diminished/incapacitated
Fall asleep on the drive home
Crash on the bed/couch/chair once home for at least 30 min to an hour if not more before getting up to prepare dinner
Sit at dinner table too tired contemplating what needs to be done
Finally get up and start doing things at 9:00 pm and get to bed YET AGAIN at 11 or later.

Go to bed at 10:00 pm

Get at least 6 hours sleep (marked improvement from the 4 hours above)
Get up on time (I know because I practiced this for a brief moment in time)
Get to work on time
Greater possibility of not falling asleep on road…or at work
Cut back on slowly growing dependency on energy pills
More productive workday i.e. ability to concentrate and such
Less likely to crash once I get home so then I can get more things done EARLIER in the evening in order to . . . get to bed EARLIER

Hmmmm my husband just might be right.

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  1. HMMM, I wouldn't leave that very last sentence on here for too long, he may hold it against you for many other things...haha. :)