Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fitting In

SO there is this contest on Shutter Sisters to win a WII console and the new WII Fit. I don’t think that I will win but I am love to enter contests. I racked my brain for a idea on the theme “FIT” and this is the best I could come up with.

The first day that Spencer and I were in Charleston, we drove around until we reached what is called “Battery Park” by the locals. We walked the neighborhood around the whole park taking picture after picture of the amazing houses and their gardens. Afterwards I plopped down in the lush grass and just laid there looking up at the trees above me.

I'm sure passersby thought I was odd lying in the grass with my feet in the air...oh well. (Coincidentally, I bought these flip flops on my honeymoon when my favorites broke)

Eventually Spencer joined me and we just laid there taking silly pictures of each other or of whatever caught our eye. I was holding his hand at one point and decided to play around with a few shots. I am not 100% satisfied with how this came out but I love the idea of it. He and I just fit…like our fingers intertwined symbolize. As I have mentioned previously, Mom calls us 2 Peas in a Pod. I love him to death and am thrilled to have found someone that I can be my most retarded with and I feel not an inkling of self consciousness. He loves me no matter what as I love him.

Yeah, I would say we fit JUST right. No one else makes me feel as comfortable in my own skin as he does.

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  1. Aw, your photos are a perfect fit! Nice processing on the hands shot!