Friday, September 5, 2008

A Plethora of Images & Updates on My Labor Day Week

So much has been going on in the past week. For one thing, Liam turned FIVE!! The very same day I got my new portrait lens. So guess who was my little model for shots while we were out to dinner? I love my new 50mm 1.8.

The last shot is one that Liam directed and took. I was told to smile and wink my eye. ;)

Labor day weekend was a very welcome break although not much got done. I didn’t really get to play with my lens to much because I was busy gathering pearls of photographic wisdom from [b]ecker while watching the first season of 24 on DVD with my husband.

Sunday was the FUN day for our little family. We headed to the Georgia Aquarium where Spencer commandeered my camera which means there are actually some pictures of Liam and I together having fun. A rare happening…actually having it photographed that is. Meanwhile Spencer had fun taking images such as this one...
...and this one. Liam and I touching the anemones.

This one just makes me laugh for some reason.
This is one of those domes that they have in the penguin exhibit so that you can "look" like you are in there with the penguins.So, as you can see here, the aquarium on labor day may not have been the best idea. A bit more crowded than we were used to but we had fun anyway.

It's not very often Spencer (or anyone for that matter) gets a shot of me that I like.
After the aquarium, we went across the street to Centennial Olympic Park where much fun ensued on two (that’s right TWO) playgrounds.

At the second playground Liam mainly experimented on how to go down this slide in many different ways. And I remember not that long ago when he wouldn't go down a slide by himself.



And then off to…

…the “exploding water” as Liam called it. Liam had much fun in here.

While Spencer and my father in law went to get the car, my dear mother in law tried to get a picture of me in the water too. Liam wanted to know why I wouldn’t take my shirt off and get wet with him.

Waiting for the car. He looks like such a big boy here. After dinner at Harry and Sons we ended the night with a mandatory late night trip to Krispy Kreme where Liam got a sprinkle donut. I don’t think the day could have gotten any better for him. On the ride home, he was asleep on GrandNettie’s arm holding on to my arm within 5 minutes.

Then the crappy week began. On Wednesday, my mom went in for heart catheterization on Wednesday to try and get to the root of why she is always so tired and short of breath. That morning my sister calls me and asks me if I am sitting down…that never bodes well…Mom was being admitted into the hospital. Turns out she has MAJOR blockage and is going to need quadruple, yeah that’s right, QUADRUPLE bypass surgery and valve replacement. My poor dear mommy. She is going home today and is scheduled to have the surgery sometime in the next few weeks. She is actually very calm about it and is hoping that afterwards she will finally feel better.

Meanwhile my dear husband left yesterday with his father for a road trip up to New York with a side stop in DC. He is going to be gone for a week, which is the longest we have been apart since getting married almost 2 ½ years ago. (You can go ahead and gag now) While they are on the road, his mom calls them to let them know that she was having chest pains and that her doctor told her to go to the emergency room.

WILL THE MADNESS PLEASE STOP!! Enough already! Fortunately she is okay, just low in potassium...but what a scare anyway.

Needless to say it has been an eventful week. Hopefully all will calm down soon.

As far as updates go: Spencer has still not found a job, thus his ability to leave me travel for a week. Milo is doing better but now is even more pitiful since we have had to put a cone around her head so she doesn’t bite off her wrappings. The vet says she should be healed in 3 weeks.

This is what I have to deal with while my husband is away. There are TWO of them and I am NOT touching them.And this is my bed tonight. We normally don't let Milo in the bed with us but I am making an exception tonight.
Isn't she just pitiful? I feel so bad for her.

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