Sunday, September 14, 2008

Renewed Purpose

So I have been reading Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders and loving it. I was priveleged to get it free when I attended DJs seminar. However, I decided to take the plunge and pay the $20 for the PDNA test that is offered with it. That is the photographer DNA. After taking it, I was a bit sad at my results. However, after "second shooting" a wedding on Saturday (more on that later) I have decided to take what the test told me (glaringly) were my weak points and improve those points accordingly. "Look out world here I come" basically is my outlook at this point.
At this point I want to share with you some of the images from our before school beach trip. It's funny as Spencer is getting more into photography with me I am starting to forget to post which pictures are his. Please know that my little son's life is documenting by both of his loving parents. Spencer actually snapped away quite a bit at the beach on our day two at the beach as I was not feeling too well.

This beach trip I was super organized. I had a duffel bag with everything you could possibly need...including bandaids and pepto bismol. I even made sure to bring beach toys this time. After we made our little sandcastle, Liam got busy working on burying himself.
Then Sara helped him out and buried his body completely for him. It was too cute watching him. He had the hardest time keeping still.
On the following two I added a little extra love from Michelle Black's actions and textures, which I highly reccomend.
Liam loved his turtle goggles but could not handle wearing the nose plug I had gotten him. He also chose not to wear the lifevest for too long as it hindered his playing ability.
While I was laying on (and under) the beach towel trying to avoid any more sun blisters that i had suffered from the previous day so Spencer commandeered the camera and took some great shots of Liam playing in the waves.
This is his absolute favorite shot. He loves to ask me to see this shot. I promised him I would blow this one up for his room.

As yucky as it is to get sand everywhere and to be sore for days afterward with sun burn and/or sandburn...I still love the beach for a vacation. There is something so stinking relaxing and just downright fun about it. :)

Hope you enjoyed the images.

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