Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Proper Introduction

After the trouble I was having with Blogger some time back I refused at the time to post all of the pictures we took of dear Isabella. However, since I now have had help in figuring out Blogger issues I can now give you a proper introduction to her.

I was able to meet with her parent's last night in order to deliver the long awaited for maternity photos as well as the dear photos we took below. It was so wonderful hanging out with them and it did my heart much good to hear how much they liked their photos.I have lost track of which pictures Spencer or I took that night as I tried to relinquish my hold on the camera in order to hang out with my friend and her new daughter. This one below I know that Spencer took and it is so incredibly lovely...and intimate.
I love newborn babies and their hats.
Here is la abuela with the dear new one. I must say though, she looks as little as a grandmother as I have seen, as young and gorgeous as she is.
I love the look on abuela's face here. The "awwww" look on her face is quite evident as she admires Isabella.
Did you notice anything different in the photos above? Hmmmmm. . .?
A good friend of Spencer and I loves Graphic Design and dreams of starting his own business one day. I approached him about helping me design my logo for my photography business. What do you think? I personally am much enamored with it. But would like any unbiased opinions you may give.

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