Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching Up and Eye Candy

So it has been quite a while since I have been able to put up an extensive post. That would be because I no longer have access to the internet all day. Well, scratch that, I have access but it is much more strictly monitored. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I just don’t have the time that I used to make at work. I like the structure actually. I am currently typing this draft as I am on hold with an insurance company. Much fun. I don’t mind this job so much while I wait on my photography business to take off. It’s a good company and not nearly as frustrating as my last job, which is funny since I initially left this job because of frustration…well being overwhelmed is more like it. The only thing I don’t like about being here is that, well, I don’t know if I have mentioned it on here before but I have a problem with daytime sleepiness. I will be reading the computer screen or other such related activity and will fall asleep without realizing it. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned my fear of falling asleep while driving to work before. Unfortunately for me, where my desk/cubicle is situated here is right by the main walkway. :( This means that people talk. People who don’t understand that this is something I am seeing my doctor to try & figure out. {{sigh}}

Anyway, as for a few more personal updates, my mom is recovering nicely except for the fact that she has had some blood pressure issues as of late. She still can’t do diddly squat which is driving her crazy. Our other invalid, Milo is finally out of her splint and head cone and flying around the house and backyard as if she had never broken her leg. Just in time to get her fixed. Poor dog. She is going to be traumatized.

I am hard at work on getting my photography underway. A friend of mine who is into graphic design and I have been working on a logo/icon that is almost ready. I wish that I could show you a sneak preview but as of yet do not have a usable file...just PDFs.

For those photo minded people who know what I am talking about, I have been utilizing Lightroom and purchased an amazing Noise software to do batch processing that make my post processing time SO much faster. Just recently I have been able to filter the computer noise out of hundreds of photos while not being tied to the computer. Talk about freedom. I am also now the proud owner of a Canon 70-200 2.8, IS USM Lens and am so in love with it. As a precaution though, I am not allowed to use it until I insure it. We can't afford anything to happen to it. I also now own a Shootsac created by the amazing Jessica Claire and can not WAIT to use it. All kinds of goodies coming out of my "secret stash". As mom so aptly put it, might as well use it for importatnt things rather than let it lose value sitting around as the stock market plummets.

Last night I was up till all hours finishing up my dear friend's maternity shots which I am happy to show you here. I had a hard time picking only a few out of the many I loved from this shoot so please be prepared for a photo feast below.

First here are a few more shots from around the house.
I love how at home they look here. So natural with Lola sitting in.This has to be one of my favorite images becaus it is completely them. Him making a face and her laughing at his goofiness.Then we went to downtown Buford for a few location shots. This house was great and the sky was really that beautiful. No retouching to it.
This was Misa's idea and I LOVE how it turned out. He is a budding photographer himself. Whispering sweet nothings?
Another favorite.I've been playing with sun flare recently and these are my firstborn efforts. I need to work on the technique some more but I am not at all unpleased with the result.This was another one of Misa's ideas...I think...and again it worked out amazingly. I love the color and the way the lines lead to her.

We next moved to another location but I will save those for a later date. :) What can I say, I have a heavy trigger finger.

Also, in case you couldn't tell, or if you are a first time visitor, I have played around some more with my blog layout. I googled HTML for dummies and am learning it and CSS slowly but surely. I am excited to keep learning more and making this better and better for the faithful few that follow me. Please give me feedback as to what you think of the changes, namely bigger pictures and wider margins for the important stuff. I also took off the borders that used to be around the images and header.

Have a good one all and I am headed to bed.

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