Friday, October 10, 2008

Preparation and Details

I thought that it might be about time to post some more pictures of my first wedding in over a year. I hate that it is taking me so long to finish them, but that's what happens when you have a million things going on in your life at once. Makes it a bit difficult. However, I am happy to say, I still got it. :) NO! I am NOT being cocky. I am talking about my love for wedding day photography. It is so incredibly addictive. I think my favorite thing about it is capturing the emotion. I have always loved that about wedding days. No need to do major posing just be there and be invisible (as much as possible with a flipping huge camera).

I don't think I had mentioned before how I came to shoot this wedding. Quite by accident. I wanted to shoot it, of course, as I do all my friends' weddings but was told they had already commissioned someone the groom knew. After talking to the bride's sister about engagement pictures that we never got around to, the bride asked her sister to ask moi if I would mind coming by to take pictures of the girls getting ready since the hired photographer was a man.

Would I? Would I? I was thrilled.

One thing led to another and they kept asking me to stay longer. I didn't mind as I had been trying to figure out a way to do so anyway without seeming imposing. I am so glad that I did. I enjoyed myself so much, got bitten by the wedding bug again, and have experienced the most wonderful feedback from her family as to how I conducted myself and my images that it makes me grin just thinking about it.

These are just a sampling of the getting ready shots that I was originally implored upon to take. I will get more up later as I am able.

I love this shot of three generations of girls getting ready to get ready. (Look closely, do you see me?)
These two gorgeous women are the bride's sisters. This was the first time the one on the left had seen her sister that afternoon. The expression is priceless.

If she wasn't so incredibly sweet and loving I might almost hate her for how beautiful she is without one bit of makeup on.
Since the mother was the first to be ready, she was able to sit back, relax, and watch all of the goings on. This one I love because it just seems timeless of the mother watching her two girls prepare as the baby girl is about to get married.

I don't think a single woman in the world can explain completely the reason we contort our faces when we are applying mascara. Does it really help?
I found it humorous that the bride was helping her neice put on makeup. She was so calm and collected. I liked that about her. It made me feel good about her relationship with her betrothed. From personal experience, I think that is what happens when you marry your best friend. :)
Now on these two shots I could not choose which effect I liked best. I love the "in faux red" black and white shot...
...but I also love this homestead black and white action so incredibly much. Both actions by the amazing Doug Boutwell.
Ahh the delicious detail shots. I believe I overheard that this was her grandmother's necklace. I love being at the right place at the right time. The way this shot is framed makes my heart flutter.
Deep breaths before the plunge.


  1. What a beautiful family!


  2. Great job Abra! Its really cool to see how your style has developed since you took my wedding photos 7 years ago!
    I must say that I cant understand your love of wedding photography - I was roped into doing two this year, and TALK ABOUT STRESS!!!!!!

  3. Very nice. Sorry I haven't emailed. I'm crazy busy. The images are gorgeous. You should be very proud.