Monday, November 16, 2009


Okay, that was supposed to put that annoying David Bowie song into your head. If it did, HAHA and I’m sorry.

So a LOT has been brewing over here a the Morris household.

I have been getting down to the nitty gritty with my amazing bookkeeper/assistant in order to give my business brain a jumpstart and give my clients a much more professional experience.

I am now OFFICIALLY an LLC business!!! Today I am going to start up my new BUSINESS checking account!! So excited!

And…if you have been visiting my site or new galleries on SmugMug you may have noticed a few other small changes in the way things look. As much as I loved the backgrounds I had purchased, especially my owls, from Dreamstime I kept struggling with the fact that they were not exclusively mine. What kind of cinched it for me is when I saw my cute little owl used on an ad for a wonderful product called hooter hiders. (I wish I had had one when I was nursing.)

So that is when I decided to get out Photoshop and play around and create my own little “branding”. Something that I was comfortable with that matched my creativity, craftiness and simplicity. Nothing too busy but fun. Tall order.

Sooooooo. . .what I came up with is what you see below:Pillow goodness green smallerYou would never believe where I came up with the inspiration for this graphic. One day I might share. ;)

I had to keep my owls too. I LOVE my owls. Not even sure why or how that all started. So here is my rendition:Owlie by Hand Flipped

This is Owlie and his twin brother. Owlie has a tendency to be very sleepy, kind of like me, and stays in his own little world most of the time. Owlie’s brother is a lot like my sister, very alert to what is going on.

Owlie by Hand 2::edited to add:: I forgot to tell you this little guy's name is Owliver. ;) Why yes, I am a dork.

So you will be seeing more of these little guys as I get all of my stuff more cohesive and a better reflection of me. :) Hope you like. If so, leave me some love.

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