Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ethan – Newborn Session – Stockbridge GA Lifestyle Photography

They had gotten home from lunch with the family and daddy had wanted to take a nap with his boy. . .

. . .so this is the wonderful way the session started.  Couldn’t have asked for any better way. Ethan-3044 Ethan-3063We got Ethan up and took him into his room.Ethan-3051He was not quite ready to get up yet though, which was fine by me because there is truly nothing quite as sweet as a sleeping baby.Ethan-3053Ethan-3057This is one of my favorite shots of the day. Their faces are priceless.Ethan-3074I think Meraiah loves feet just about as much as I do. Ethan-3091Ohhh, that little tongue.Ethan-3100This shot runs a close second as being my favorite.Ethan-3108Why is it that babies scream as if you are tearing their limbs off when you change their diaper?Ethan-3114Oh, it’s okay now. Mommy love makes everything better. Ethan-3119One of the many “almost smiles” I got the whole time. I evidently was not worthy of the full dimpled smile I heard about.Ethan-3122Wonderfully typical mommy face.Ethan-3161I love this domestic scene.Ethan-3199Baby details.Ethan-3069Ethan-3320 Ethan-3359  Ethan-3148 Ethan-3159 The funniest thing about this little guy is that he did NOT want to be naked. He fussed and fussed until we put some clothes on him and then he was fine. Ethan-3246 Ethan-3259 Dude Crush shows us just how itty bitty little Ethan still is.Ethan-3270We had been planning on getting the following shots of a naked baby but, as stated before, Ethan was very specific in telling us that he wanted to be clothed. All the better since taking these clothed is perfect in showing his personality. Ethan-3369Those feet were constantly kicking. Ethan-3417 What a sweet little face. Seriously not just cute but simply beautiful.Ethan-3453 Ethan-3454These two. . .I just love them. Ethan-3456 Ethan-3458 Daddy joined in for a little unadulterated baby love time. I have to say that if all of my families can be this comfortable in front of me, my job will be a piece of cake and I will officially be in heaven. Ethan-3471 Ethan-3474 Ethan-3476 Ethan-3480 Ethan-3497 Ethan-3498We were laughing at how Abel’s hand was mammoth in comparison to Ethan’s head. Ethan-3517 Ethan-3536 Ethan-3541A little perspective, I recently learned, is a great way to show how these little guys grow so fast. Ethan-3559Can not say I know exactly why it is that crying babies are just so darn cute. Ethan-3565I give you Simba! Ahem. . .Ethan Alexander Abel Aberra! Ethan-3567 Ethan-3569It is 100% evident how much daddy loves his baby boy. And it is wonderful. Ethan-3577 editSo this is the beginning of a wonderful series for this little family. Keep an eye out for Ethan as he grows.

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  1. I LOVE IT! those turned out beautiful- I love how you capture their personalities- I got a little teary at the one of Ethan and Meraiah..These are amazing!

  2. what a beautiful baby, many blessings upon you.

  3. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! I am BLOWN away by gorgeous family & AMAZING pics!