Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Green Hayes :: Wedding – Good Hope and Athens, Georgia

Prepare yourself for a long post. I have been waiting to put this up until the Bride was able to look over them herself.

I loved every little detail of this wedding. It was so beautiful, unique and . . . did I mention beautiful. Many of the handmade details will come in a future post. For the time being, you will have to make due with these. ;)

This dress was made by the Bride’s mother. Absolutely amazing.


Here is Meghan, the happy girl herself, ready to go and be made more beautiful


We had fun hanging out as this lady worked her magic.

GreenHayes Composite 2

Meghan was being pampered having her nails done by her good friend, Ashley, as she was being made up.


I traveled up and down the escalator at Belk’s several time to get a few shots.


A goofy crew.

GreenHayes composite

Once we got back, Meghan was given a sweet surprise by a friend who was unable to make it. A heartfelt message was written on her sole. GreenHayes Duo

I call this series the birth of a head. A very happy head at that.

GreenHayes -Birth of a Head

The boys getting themselves ready.

GreenHayes Tie Trio

And dad doing, what I am told, he does best. Random odd chores at irregular times.

GreenHayes Joel Duo

Spencer started off with the boys getting this shot. . .


. . .and this one which is seriously one of my favorites.GreenHayes-1619

Then I came in from where the girls were getting dressed and got a few shots of the guys.GreenHayes-4031

Dead serious and mysterious baby!!GreenHayes-4039

And this is about the time that I fell into the fireplace. That’s right, I fell into the fireplace. I did not realize that where I was crouched over was a pile of magazines so as soon as I tried to sit down, the pile slid me right into the fireplace. Being the concerned husband that he is, Spencer immediately tried to help me out of it and I am shooing him away saying “No! NO! I’ve got to get these pictures!” It was priceless.GreenHayes-4050

Then when we went outside I started climbing up on the edge of the porch which had a pretty substantial drop on the other side and the guys got really nervous considering the clumsiness I had already exhibited.GreenHayes-4076

Love this shot too. GreenHayes-4083

We had a first look and it was so much fun to watch her creep across the yard with her heels getting stuck in the ground with every step.

Spencer set up as the stalker in the woods got this shot. . .GreenHayes-1673

As I got shots such as this one. GreenHayes-4147

Oh, and this one too. How cute are they?GreenHayes-4165

A little peak at a project I worked on for Meghan and Corey. GreenHayes_5


They were an absolute joy to work with. I have to say I really did not have to direct them much at all. They were the cutest snuggliest couple.GreenHayes-4516

The look on her face makes me smile. So happy. GreenHayes-4523



The sun was very much our friend that day. I was so worried considering the previous week had been miserably rainy. GreenHayes-4554


{{SIGH}} Cuteness personified.GreenHayes-4567

She had only two girls in her party just as I did and they had so much fun together as you will see in the next series of images. GreenHayes-4589






Daddy and his two girls. I would say smiles all around but, as you can see, Mackie has a hard time keeping a normal face. And that is what makes her unique. ;)GreenHayes-4633




I do not think I have ever had as much fun photographing a bridal party. LOVE these next few shots. GreenHayes-4766




This is not something I would normally attempt but as a special request I tried my hand at it. Six or so shots later, picking my favorite two and marrying them, I’m pretty pleased with the results. GreenHayes-4806 and 4807

When Spencer and I scoped out the reception location a week before the wedding I fell in love with these silos. We only had about fifteen minutes before the reception was officially supposed to start so I asked if we could pretty please go over there. My request was granted.

Again, no direction was given. This is them being perfect subjects. GreenHayes-4823


Then I had them go under the silo as I tried my hand at climbing the ladder and wrapping my arms around the rungs to keep me balanced as I shot the next few series.GreenHayes Triptych

Triptych 3

And I am SO glad that I did because I absolutely LOVE the shots that I got as a result. This sultry stare of Corey’s. . .GreenHayes-4846

. . .and then a smile, an honest to goodness natural smile from Corey, making this one of my favoritest images.GreenHayes-4852

Then Meghan took centerstage for a few shots before we headed back to the barn. . . GreenHayes-4884

GreenHayes-4887 bw

GreenHayes-4880That’s right, I said Barn. I will be back with more details of the fun reception for your viewing pleasure.GreenHayes-4903GreenHayes-4905In the meantime you can:

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  1. These pictures are sooooo beautiful!!! I am VERY impressed!