Monday, December 7, 2009

One Big Happy Family Photography – Covington/Oxford GA

I know that it has been some time since I have had a post up. I have had so much going on and I am in desperate need to organize my time to be more beneficial. . .and efficient.

I am currently starting this blog post in the car on my way home from a family weekend during which I had no internet access. Surprisingly, it was not too painful.

When my cousin contacted me about taking these pictures I thought about how it would be fun to see how this family had grown. The last time I had seen them was when I was still in denial as to my feelings for Spencer. ;)

I tell you what, it takes a great stretch of creativeness to be able to figure out how to pose large/multi families. There is not much instruction like “Just interact and I’ll take pictures.” that could go on.

As they were the last time, the families were getting together for family portraits as a gift for the grandparent’s anniversary. This time they were celebrating the golden fifty.

This is the family image they finally went with to present them at the surprise anniversary party.Cooperhead IMG 5108They also asked me to get a few pictures of the two “lovebirds” together as well. It is so nice to see people who make it to fifty years of marriage. Too many today take marriage so lightly.BruceFamily-5660BruceFamily-5691This one that Spencer took is my favorite of the two of them.BruceFamily-5430Pop and his three boys.BruceFamily-5491Bruce Family 2Bruce FamilyThis is what happens when you get a bunch of kids in front of a camera and are not sure how to direct them. . .BruceFamily-5230. . .so you tell them to throw leaves and click away to capture what may happen. :)Kids in LeavesAll the grandkids and great-grandkids.BruceFamily-5263We had a few sweet moments as well. BruceFamily-5353 This couple is getting married next year and he is already very much a part of the family. . .BruceFamily-5379 . . .as can be seen clearly here. He is already a “brother”.BruceFamily-5415 By the time I got around to taking pictures of this little guy, he was so tired.BruceFamily-5562 But he still laid on the charm and was quite the cutie. BruceFamily-5569Lilah, who has graced this blog several times in the past, was having a blast being swung in the air by her parents. LilahI will conclude with two of my favorite images of these two gorgeous ladies. BruceFamily-5648BruceFamily-5649I photographed her wedding right at this college campus where we took these family images. The same place I first met Spencer. It was neat having him there with me helping me out and remembering how much has happened since that May in 2003.

I should be back to bring more images to this blog veeerrrrry soon. Much to come. :D

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