Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Schraeder Family – Lilburn Georgia

When I worked in a cubicle I made an excellent friend. We ended up sitting across from each other and had to discipline ourselves not to talk so much and to get more work done. Last fall, I was supposed to get pictures of her family but our timing just never quite worked out.

SOOOOO, this fall we pinned down a day and braved the cold & overcast weather to get some fun shots at the playground…oh, excuse me the “Mountain Park Park”.

For some reason, I really like this image.Schraeders-4554_filteredThat worried look in my friend Stacey’s eyes is due to her firstborn son attempting to sharpen his skills on the concrete skating ramps.Schraeders-4566_filtered Schraeders-4577_filteredThis was a great reaction to their dog, Grady, who decided he wanted to see what this skating thing was all about and plunged into the pit only to find there wasn’t an easy way out. Schraeders-4594_filtered Schraeders-4596_filtered Schraeders-4600_filtered Schraeders-4602_filtered Dylan showing off his mad skills.Schraeders-4603_filtered These next two I played with especially for Dylan.Schraeders-4579_filtered editSchraeders-4606_filtered editA sweet little moment.Schraeders-4611_filtered Hayley (sorry if I spelled it wrong Stacey) doing her best impression of Captain Underpants. I will admit I am not sure who this character is. Schraeders-4629_filtered Schraeders-4636_filteredNo matter how hard Hayley tried, she couldn’t get in sync with her sister. Schraeders-4648_filteredOur attempt at a nice family picture. Things were a bit crazy at first. Schraeders-4683_filteredThis is the picture that they used for their holiday cards. I had to be a photoshop surgeon on this one because it was Stacey’s favorite except for the fact that her youngest, Hayley decided to cross her eyes for a series of shots (just like her momma). So I took her head from another shot and out it on this one for her. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Schraeders-4686_filtered Edit Head However, this one is my favorite of them. Schraeders-4718_filtered Schraeders-4738_filteredStacey’s face in this first shot is absolutely excellent. Jumping DuoEven though this shot was taken as Dylan was unhappy to not be able to go back to the skate ramps, I love how it came out. Schraeders-4747_filtered Mom and her two girls having fun on the playground. Stacey tried to get me on here too but I begged off saying I was carrying too much equipment. ;)Schraeders-4820_filteredThere’s a new superhero in town. Schraeders-4841_filtered Schraeders-4845_filteredMark told me he was “letting me” have this shot of him smiling. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. Schraeders-4853_filteredAs we were leaving, the kids noticed a baseball was left on the field so they tossed it around for a little bit. I don’t know much about form, but Dylan looks pretty sharp in this series. PitchingSchraeders-4878_filtered bwOnce we got back to the house, Taylor wanted to get some shots with her new(ish) bunny, Oreo. She was so sweet and responsible with him/her?Schraeders-4919_filteredJust look at those bunny eyes!Schraeders-4920_filtered Schraeders-4924_filtered

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